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Crowdsourced records submitted by the UKSO citizen science community

By uploading and depositing photos or other materials on to the UKSO, you, as depositor, do so on the understanding that anything deposited may be freely used/re-used by others accessing the UKSO. By depositing photos and/or other materials you take full responsibility:

  • to ensure that all photos and/or other materials being deposited are owned by you (or you have all necessary permissions to deposit them); and
  • to understand that liability regarding use/re-use of anything you deposit may lie with you as depositor.

If there are doubts about ownership, check first and resolve all outstanding issues before making a deposit on the UKSO. Should the ownership of any deposited content be questioned at any time, it will be removed from the UKSO until the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Crowdsourced records submitted to the UKSO are made available under the Open Government Licence, subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying the reproduced materials: "Contains UKSO materials ©UKRI [year]".

Records submitted up to and including 30th June 2016 are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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