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British Geological Survey apps mySoil and iGeology will be retired on 1 August 2022, the UKSO map viewer combines the data found in these apps and includes much more data for you to easily access.

The apps on this page offer additional, useful ways to access soil information for Great Britain. Several apps allow mobile access to data, the opportunity to crowdsource your own observations, or just learn more about your environment. We will be expanding this section as new apps become available. If you are aware of other handy apps, tools, or software that you think would be useful for us to share on this site, please contact us.

Mobile apps

Farm Crap App Pro icon

Farm Crap App Pro

Farm Crap App Pro is designed to help farmers and growers value the nutrients found in organic manures.

Fertilizer Optimizer icon

Fertilizer Optimizer

The Fertilizer Optimizer app will assist you in using fertilizer more efficiently to optimize your fertilizer investments.

Landcover icon


LandCover is a simple tool for rapidly recording vegetation cover and structure using a 1 meter or yard stick in a 1/4 hectare (3/5 acre) plot.

Saltmarsh App icon

Saltmarsh app

An app providing information on common saltmarsh plants, birds and invertebrates; and the ecology and importance of saltmarshes. Use the app to complete a saltmarsh vegetation survey and soil assessment and make an assessment of the carbon stored.

SIFSS icon

SIFSS (Soil Indicators For Scottish Soils)

A free iPhone app for growers, farmers and land managers in Scotland to enable them to find out what soil type is in their area. (SSKIB) which can be accessed through the SIFSS website.

SOCit icon

SOCit (Soil Organic Carbon information)

A free soil carbon app to provide farmers with a quick, cost-effective source of information about the organic matter content of their soil.

SoilInfo icon


SoilInfo is an app for mobile devices that allows accessing spatial predictions of soil properties and classes in a simple format i.e. as soil profile depth curve plots or tabular summaries.

Soilscapes mobile app icon

Soilscapes (iDevice)

The Cranfield University Soilscapes App is an easy-to-use soil reporting tool producing summary soils information for a specific location, based upon the Soilscapes soil thematic dataset.

Web resources

Geo-wiki icon


A crowdsource wiki giving everyone power to contribute, participate in ongoing projects and join citizen science.

ID-TaxER icon


ID-TaxER provides an interface to explore potential soil habitat preferences of UK bacterial taxa derived from 16S rRNA gene sequencing.

NFU icon

NFU - Weather news

A set of tools dedicated to real-time weather monitoring across England and Wales.

RothLime icon


A web tool for deciding how much lime to add to raise a soil's pH under UK conditions.

Soil Explorer icon

Soil Explorer

Interactive maps for exploring different types of soil for areas across the world.

SOil funDamentals icon

SOil funDamentals (SOD)

The UKCEH Countryside Survey Soil Health Tool is a free to use web tool to help all landowners in Great Britain to monitor and improve the health of their soil.

Soils Guide icon

Soils Guide

A toolkit to explore the various soils of England and Wales. Drill down into the various recognised soils categories to understand their composition and properties.

Soil Site Reporter icon

Soil Site Reporter

An easy to use, online soil reporting tool which produces site-specific soils information with maps and soil descriptions.

SoilGrids icon


A collection of updatable soil property and class maps of the world at 1 km resolution produced using state-of-the-art model-based statistical methods.

Soilscapes Viewer icon

Soilscapes Viewer

Soilscapes is an easy-to-use soil reporting tool which produces summary soils information for a specific location, based upon the "Soilscapes" soil thematic dataset.

UKSoils icon


Brings together information to inspire us all to learn more about soil and help build communities to take action to improve soil health.