OS Terrain 50 Profile curvature

OS Terrain® 50 is a height product for Great Britain available to all, for free, to download and use through OS OpenData™.

This image has been created using a terrain-curvature analysis package to convert the OS Terrain 50 into a simple Profile Curvature model. Each pixel represents the degree of concavity/ convexity down a slope (-ve =convex upwards, +ve = concave upwards). Profile Curvature affects soil characteristics related to drainage, accumulation and insolation. All OS Terrain 50 images are derived from Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright and database right 2014.

OS Terrain 50 Total curvature

Map legend

Profile Curvature
Title OS Terrain 50 Profile curvature
Source Ordnance Survey & terrain analysis software
Enquiries OS OpenData products support
Scale(s) 50m grid resolution
Coverage Great Britain
Format ASCII Grid data
Price The OS Terrain 50 data is free for use through OS OpenData.
Uses Local to national level use
Downloads OS Terrain 50
Note that OS terrain 50 data is a height model only. Use a terrain analysis package to create your own version of this aspect model
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