UK Soil Observatory map viewer

Map viewer

Latest version released 01 February 2017

You can now:

  • join us in using the new myLandcover to help us validate the CEH's land cover map of the UK
  • view an interactive tour that takes you step-by-step through how to explore the soil environment where you live
  • share the maps you create showing any of our 100+ soil layers for your area of interest
  • add any additional map layers via WMS to add further context to the 100+ soil layers provided

What does the viewer do?

The UK Soil Observatory map viewer helps you explore the soil environment where you live and puts soil maps at your fingertips.

Select from over 100 map layers contributed by a range of data providers, covering topics such as soil carbon content, moisture, texture, chemistry and geophysics. Search the catalogue of map data, zoom and pan around the maps, visualise and query the information, create prints of your own customised soil maps or download the underlying data.

Tell us about your soil. Join our growing community by submitting your own soil data to help us improve our knowledge about the properties of soils and better understand this precious resource.