Forestry Commission soil lookup codes

Code Group Type
1 Brown Earth Typical Brown Earth
1d Brown Earth Basic brown earth
1u Brown Earth Upland brown earth
1z Brown Earth Podzolic brown earth
2 Man-made Soil
2s Man-made Soil Mining spoil coarse texture
2m Man-made Soil Mining spoil fine texture
3 Podzol Typical podzol
3m Podzol Hardpan podzol
4 Ironpan Soil Typical ironpan soil
4z Ironpan Soil Podzolic ironpan soil
4b Ironpan Soil Intergrade ironpan soil
5 Ground-water Gley Typical ground-water gley
5b Ground-water Gley Brown ground-water gley
6 Peaty Surface-water Gley Typical peaty surface-water gley
6z Peaty Surface-water Gley Podzolic peaty surface-water gley
7 Surface-water Gley Typical surface-water gley
7b Surface-water Gley Brown surface-water gley
7z Surface-water Gley Podzolic surface-water gley
8 Basin Bog
8a Basin Bog Phragmites bog
8b Basin Bog Juncus articulatus or acutiflorus bog
8c Basin Bog Juncus effusus bog
8d Basin Bog Carex bog
9 Flushed Blanket Bog
9a Flushed Blanket Bog Molinia-Myrica-Salix bog
9b Flushed Blanket Bog Tussocky Molinia-Calluna bog
9c Flushed Blanket Bog Tussocky Molinia-Erophorum bog
9d Flushed Blanket Bog Non-tussocky Molinia-Eriphorum-Trichphorum bog
9e Flushed Blanket Bog Trichophorum-Calluna-Eriophorum-Molinia bog
10 Flat or Raised Bogs
10a Flat or Raised Bogs Lowland Sphagnum bog
10b Flat or Raised Bogs Upland Sphagnum bog
11 Unflushed Blanket Bog
11a Unflushed Blanket Bog Calluna blanket bog
11b Unflushed Blanket Bog Calluna-Eriophorum blanket bog
11c Unflushed Blanket Bog Trichophorum-Calluna blanket bog
11d Unflushed Blanket Bog Eriophorum blanket bog
12 Calcareous Soil See additional Phase information
12a Calcareous Soil Rendzina
12b Calcareous Soil Calcareous brown earth
12t Calcareous Soil Argillic brown earth
13 Skeletal Soil
13c Skeletal Soil Ranker complex
13b Skeletal Soil Brown ranker
13g Skeletal Soil Gley ranker
13p Skeletal Soil Peaty ranker
13z Skeletal Soil Podzolic ranker
13r Skeletal Soil Rock
13s Skeletal Soil Scree
14 Eroded Bog Shallow hagged eroded bog
14h Eroded Bog Deeply hagged erroded bog
14w Eroded Bog Pooled eroded bog
15 Littoral Soil
15d Littoral Soil Dunes
15e Littoral Soil Sand with deep water-table
15g Littoral Soil Sand with shallow water-table
15i Littoral Soil Sand with moderatley deep water-table
15s Littoral Soil Shingle
15w Littoral Soil Sand with very shallow water-table
VC Valley Complex Valley complex
Suffix Name
a Shallow
c Cultivated
e Ericaceous
f Flushed
g Slightly gleyed
h Humose
i Imperfectly aerated
k Calcareous
l Loamy
p Peaty
s Extremely Stony
v Alluvial
x Indurated
z Podzolic