Forestry Commission Soil Maps

The vector map provides detailed (1:10,000) soil type information for parts of the Public Forest Estate within England, Scotland and Wales. A single Great Britain version is also available.

The main Soil Groups are given and for most polygons, a lower level of Soil Type is also provided. Additionally, for each spatially mapped polygon, up to 3 different soils may be identified and their percentage occurrence within that unit specified. Whilst the soil codes and percentage values are provided for all three potential soils identified within a single polygon, only the primary soil type is identified by name.

The FC soil classification allows for additional descriptive information about the main soil types. For example, whether a soil has previously been cultivated, is extremely stony, loamy, indurated or podzolic. These are know as Phases and are added to the soil code using a suffix. The Full_string field included in the data provides a detailed, single code for each mapped unit which includes the soil type and any phases for all of the soils (up to 3) identified within a single polygon.

These data are delivered under the terms of the Ordnance Survey End User Licence License (

Any maps produced using this data should contain the following Forestry Commission acknowledgement: "Contains, or is based on, information supplied by the Forestry Commission. © Crown copyright and database right [Year] Ordnance Survey [100021242]".

The soils of Scotland in the World Reference Base classification system

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Key Forestry Commission Soil Groups
Basin Big
Brown Earth
Calcareous Soil
Eroded Bog
Flat or Raised Bogs
Flushed Blanket Bog
Ground-Water Gley
Ironpan Soil
Littoral Soil
Man-made soil
Peaty Surface-water Gley
Skeletal Soil
Surface-water Gley
Unflushed Blanket Bog
Valley Complex
Title National Forest Estate Soil Maps (England, Scotland, Wales, GB)
Source Forestry Commission & Natural Resources Wales
Scale(s) 1:10,000 vector
Coverage Parts of the Public Forest Estate throughout Great Britain
Format ESRI Shapefile
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