Topsoil pH of Scottish soils

This topsoil pH dataset is based on the digital (vector) version of the soils of Scotland 1:250 000 maps and the land cover of Scotland 1988.

The topsoil pH in this data set has been computed using data from the Scottish soils knowledge and information base (SSKIB). The soil pH values held within SSKIB are derived from a subset from over 40 000 analyses held within the Scottish soils database. The median pH values were calculated for each soil horizon of each soil taxonomic unit (soil series) delineated within the 1:250 000 national soil map of Scotland, using only data from those horizons that matched the typical horizon sequences for each taxonomic unit. Where no data were available, information from analogous (similar) soil series (taxonomic units) were used. The map shows the pH of the uppermost major horizon of the most extensive soil in each 1:250 000 soil map unit.

These data are delivered under the terms of the Open Government Licence, subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying the reproduced James Hutton Institute materials: "Contains James Hutton Institute materials © [year]".

Topsoil pH of Scottish soils

Map legend

Key Median pH
< 4.00
4.00 – 4.99
5.00 – 5.99
6.00 – 6.99
≥ 7.00
Title Topsoil pH of Scottish soils
Source The James Hutton Institute
Scale(s) Notionally 1:250 000
Coverage All Scotland
Price Data can be downloaded for free under an Open Data licence from Scotland's soils website. A free WMS service is also available.
Uses Local to national level use
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