1:250 000 Land capability for agriculture (Scotland)

This is the national map of the land capability for agriculture of Scotland at a scale of 1:250 000.

The land capability classification for agriculture incorporates soil, climate, relief and the grazing value of semi-natural vegetation to rank land on the basis of its potential productivity and cropping flexibility determined by the extent to which these physical characteristics impose long term restrictions on its agricultural use. A key aspect is that the land is assessed on its potential rather than on current land use and assumes a moderate to high level of management. Physical factors that are more easily overcome by normal management practices such as poor drainage or low fertility are assumed not to limit the land capability. The classes range from 1–7 with class 7 land being of little agricultural value. Classes 3–6 have subdivisions.

The map was published in 1983.

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The National Soil Inventory of Scotland

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Title 1:250 000 land capability for agriculture (Scotland)
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