1:250 000 soils of Scotland

This is the national soil map of Scotland at a scale of 1:250 000

The 1:250 000 scale national soil map of Scotland, in a series of seven paper maps, was derived from a mixture of new soil survey work undertaken between 1978 and 1981 and a simplification of more detailed mapping undertaken between 1947 and 1978. The soil map units are mainly soil 'complexes' based on a limited number of repeated landforms found throughout Scotland and, as such, often comprise of more than one particular soil type. A set of handbooks give additional information of the distribution of the individual soil types within these map units.

The soils polygons on this series of maps were subsequently digitised to produce this digital dataset of Scotland.

Use of the dataset in combination with more detailed mapping revealed a problem with the registration of some water bodies. These were corrected in 2012 and a new version of the 1:250 000 scale national soil map of Scotland was released. The soil classification used was updated in 2013 to provide a unified classification across all Soil Survey of Scotland soil maps and profile datasets (UCSS). This version 1.1 of the data includes both the original 1984 and the 2013 soil classification.

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1:250 000 soils of Scotland

Map legend

Key Dominant soil
Alluvial soils
Calcareous soils
Brown earths
Humus-iron podzols
Immature soils
Magnesian soils
Mineral gleys
Montane soils
Peaty gleys
Peaty podzols
Title 1:250 000 soils of Scotland
Source The James Hutton Institute
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Scale(s) 1:250 000
Coverage All Scotland
Format GIS point data
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