Topsoil carbon stock

The database gives soil organic carbon, sand, silt and clay contents and bulk density weighted to reference layers from 0 cm to 30 cm and from 30 cm to 100 cm depths. The data are interpolated from information on soil types and land use on a 1 km grid across the UK and are used to estimate soil carbon stocks. The objective of this research was to derive high-resolution spatial data on soil and land use data for use by dynamic simulation model of carbon fluxes from soils resulting from land use change.

The soil spatial distribution was based on the revised 1:250 000 national soil map for England and Wales, the 1:250 000 national soil map for Scotland and the 1:50 000 soil series map for Northern Ireland. Soil profile information was derived from the soil reference database and the National Soil Inventory for England and Wales, the Scottish soil database, and the attribute database of all soil horizons at 5 km inspection pits sampled as part of the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development soil survey.


Bradley, R I, Milne, R, Bell, J, Lilly, A, Jordan, C and Higgins, A.  2005.   A soil carbon and land use database for the United Kingdom.  Soil Use and Management 21:363–369.

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Topsoil Carbon Stocks

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Key NSRI topsoil carbon stock
0.02 – 2.50%
2.51 – 5.00%
5.01 – 7.50%
7.51 – 10.00%
10.01 – 25.00%
25.01 – 35.00%
Title Topsoil Carbon Stock
Source Cranfield National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI), Cranfield University
Scale(s) 1:250 000
Coverage England and Wales
Format GIS polygon data. (ESRI, MapInfo, other formats available by request.)
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Uses Regional to national level use
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