NSRI Detailed Soil Mapping

This map shows the extents of the detailed soil mapping available for a variety of scales from NSRI Cranfield. These maps were conducted over three principle time periods.

From 1939 to 1966, mapping was carried out at a scale of 1:63,360 (1" to 1 mile). The areas mapped being selected to represent typical landscape types, soil problems, complexity of soil pattern and land use. Some 10% of England and Wales is mapped at this scale. Each map sheet covers 663 km2 and 25 of these sheets have been published

Between 1966 and 1979, mapping was carried out at 1:25,000. More than 100 of these maps have been published together with accompanying books. The distribution of the areas selected corresponds with the Ordnance Survey 10x10km 1:25,000 series. Mapping at this scale relates soil type to individual fields depicted on the base map. The choice of mapped areas was based on pedological, geomorphological and scientific agricultural interest, representing wider districts with similar environments.

The period 1983 to 1985 resulted in the publication of five 1:50,000 maps, each of 1,600 km2. The mapping procedures were similar to those used for previous local mapping. However, average density of observations was reduced proportionally. These maps were published with accompanying descriptive memoirs.

The information contained in LandIS is copyright and its use is subject to a specific licensing agreement between Cranfield University and the user. Depending on the status of the user, the cost can vary from a fully commercial charge for data lease to being royalty free with a small charge for extraction and preparation of the data to meet the user's needs.

For more information on the NSRI detailed soil mapping, refer to http://www.landis.org.uk/services/ukso.cfm.

Detailed Soil Mapping, NSRI

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Title NSRI Detailed Soil Mapping
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Scale(s) A range of scales from 1:25,000 to 1:250 000
Coverage England and Wales
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