Countryside Survey: Topsoil Microbes – Bacterial community structure

Countryside Survey topsoil Microbes data is representative of 0 – 15 cm soil depth. Soils were collected from over 1000 plots within 233 1km × 1km squares as part of the 2007 Countryside Survey. Bacterial communities were assessed using a molecular community profiling tool (tRFLP) with bacterial community structure represented using scores from the first axis of an ordination of the data. Please see Emmett et al. 2010 for further details of soil sampling.

The estimated means of combinations of broad habitat/calcium carbonate content using 2007 data are mapped on to the dominant habitat and calcium carbonate content in each 1km × 1km square derived from the Land Cover Map 2007 and Parent Material Model 2009, respectively. The parent material characteristic used was that which minimised AIC in each model. Areas, such as urban and littoral rock, are not sampled by CS and therefore have no associated data. Also, in some circumstances sample sizes for particular habitat / parent material combinations were insufficient to estimate mean values. Where these areas occur they are left blank.

This is the dataset used in our paper publishing the results of this survey: Griffiths, Robert I.; Thomson, Bruce C.; James, Phillip; Bell, Thomas; Bailey, Mark; Whiteley, Andrew S.. 2011 The bacterial biogeography of British soils. Environmental Microbiology, 13 (6). 1642-1654. 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2011.02480.x

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Countryside Survey, Topsoil Microbes – Bacterial community structure

Map legend

Key NMDS Axis 1
-1 to -0.5
-0.5 to -0.25
-0.25 to 0
0 to 0.2
0.2 to 0.4
Title Topsoil Microbes – Bacterial community structure
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